SouthCon is a full-service construction company offering commercial general contracting, construction management, consulting, renovation and upfit, and design-build services.

Budget Estimates

We are advocates of becoming part of an owner’s project team as early as possible. Consequently, SouthCon is accustomed to providing budget estimates early in the design development process. Providing our client with pertinent and accurate cost information is the key to an owner’s ability to make timely and well informed decisions.

Building Information Modeling

BIM is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. BIM uses three dimensional, real time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction. By utilizing NavisWorks software, our Project Management Team will be able to collaborate, coordinate and communicate more effectively with the Project’s Design Team to eliminate or reduce conflicts during the design and construction process.

Design Consulting

SouthCon enjoys having developed meaningful working relationships, not only with many of the most respected design professionals in the Lowcountry and Midlands, but on a regional and national level as well. Just as important as our technical expertise, is our ability and commitment to engage all of the various stakeholders of a project with a team-spirited approach.


Most project schedules are developed in-house by the Project Manager and Superintendent assigned to a given project.  In special cases, a project may benefit from the additional involvement of our Scheduling Consultant.  In either case, SouthCon takes a team approach that results in a realistic schedule that is an integral part of a successful project.


Sustainability is becoming more and more prevalent in our industry. SouthCon believes in the practical benefits to human beings and the environment that arise from sustainable construction.  We offer our clients expertise in this area as well as the credentials of a LEED Accredited Professional to aid in the determination of what level of sustainability to incorporate into the project.

Trade Contractors and Vendors

SouthCon’s philosophy of mutual respect and ethical practices applies not only to our clients and design professionals, but to all the valued trade contractors and vendors we conduct business with.  From our longstanding presence in the market place, they can expect fair and ethical business practices from us, and in return we receive preferred service and pricing.

Value Engineering

SouthCon’s experience is showcased in circumstances where it becomes necessary to alter the scope of a project due to budget constraints, constructability issues and/or schedule requirements.  The capability to provide this very important service in a collaborative and professional manner is one of our hallmarks.


SouthCon provides comprehensive preconstruction and construction services to our clients that foster an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Cost Control

In order to effectively and efficiently manage any construction project, tracking and controlling cost is imperative.  We have the experience and training to perform this vital function.  This, combined with our philosophy of openly sharing information with our clients, ensures that sound decisions can be made in the best interest of the project.

Project Management

We believe in providing our clients with a project team that has the necessary technical expertise, communication skills, support and technological tools to effectively meet the needs of our clients and the project.

Quality Assurance

We implement a proprietary quality assurance process for every project.  Our process is guided by the step-by-step protocol contained in the Quality Assurance Manual we created.  Its use by our project team ensures consistent results for the client irrespective of the scope and complexity of the project.  Our goal is to identify quality issues before tearout and rework becomes necessary.  We have found this approach to be far superior to the conventional quality control process.


We believe in the importance of a safe working environment PERIOD. Our Safety Consultant works with our Project Manager and Superintendent in the development and implementation of a safety plan for each project.  In our experience, this approach has proven to be the most successful.

Schedule Control

SouthCon’s schedules are developed with the end in mind. Our project management team updates and uses the project schedule continually. Our project schedules are not just for display.  The schedule is an important management tool used to the benefit of the project.

Web-Based Document Control and Online Plan Room

SouthCon utilizes Master Builder, a software that tracks and manages every aspect of the construction process, from document control and budget analysis, to job cost and subcontract management.  It is also a fully integrated accounting system for complete financial management.

Additionally, SouthCon utilizes an online plan room for subcontractor and vendor review, resulting in a more efficient bid process in terms of both timeliness and comprehensive subcontractor and vendor coverage.